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25th Anniversary Thank You Project

Local Artist Lee Beaton 

The Community Foundation of Portage & District (CFPD) celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2019 and to recognize this momentous occasion launched a 25th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign. The goal of the campaign was to grow our endowment fund and increase the support given back to our community each year through grants & bursaries. The support by donors was tremendous, increasing our endowment fund by over $900,000.


But the real challenge came when it was time to think about how CFPD could thank the donors who have supported the Foundation over the last 25 years. Donor recognition is always a hard topic; a lot of donors don’t want any fuss made over their support, but as an organization, you want to ensure they know they are appreciated.


This is what led to a brainstorming session between CFPD and local artist, Lee Beaton. From that session a fantastic idea was born and Lee did an amazing job bringing those ideas to life! CFPD commissioned local artist, Lee Beaton, to create over 50 unique conceptual paintings of their logo. Each one-of-a-kind painting was created by Lee with creativity and made specifically to celebrate CFPD’s 25th Anniversary & its donors’ commitment to the community. Over the past few months each painting has been delivered by CFPD staff & Board Members and the donors have been very grateful to receive their one-of-a-kind 25th Anniversary painting.

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