Orille Hogue Establishes Three Funds

Orille Hogue Fund

Orille Hogue established three permanent endowment funds at the Community Foundation of Portage and District. In the picture from left to right are: CFPD Chair Barney Christianson, Hogue’s sister Florence Shirtliff, Orille Hogue and niece Heather Sim.

On September 6, 2012, the Community Foundation of Portage and District (CFPD) Chair Barney Christianson and Orille Hogue signed the Fund Agreements for three new endowment funds.

Orille and Gwen Hogue were active and engaged members in our community for many years and they looked back fondly on those years spent together. Orille stated that he and his late wife had always wanted to give even more to their community when they could. To that end, he had made estate arrangements to benefit interests close to their hearts, as well as local registered charities in a broader sense.

In his wife’s memory, Orille has created the Gwen Hogue Bursary Fund for $100,000. Gwen was an English teacher for 17 years with the Portage School Division. The Bursary Fund will support awards for grade 12 Portage Collegiate students who plan to pursue a career in education and who love literature.

Orille worked for the Department of Highways for many years and knows the value of good training in any profession. To support PCI students who are pursuing a career in the trades, he has established the Orille Hogue Bursary Fund for $100,000.  The bursary will be available to students entering a community college to learn a trade whether it be hairdressing, mechanics, health care or another trade.

Each bursary fund will generate income of $3,500 a year to be used to support a number of students.  It allows the Hogues to provide assistance and encouragement to promising young students challenged by the cost of education.

The Orille and Gwen Hogue Fund will be an undesignated fund which places no restrictions on the use of the funds, relying on the Board of Directors to make grantmaking decisions that meet current community priorities and needs.  The final value of the Fund will be decided sometime in the future.

The Community Foundation of Portage and District is a local foundation created by and for the people of Portage la Prairie and District. We are here to help individuals like Orille and Gwen Hogue make an ongoing difference in our community.

For more information about the Foundation please contact Karen Braden at 274-2442, e-mail cfpd@mts.net.