$34,075 Goes to Local Charities in November

Group Grant

CFPD Chair BarneyChristianson presented cheques to grant recipients. Back (L-R) Larry Lepla (Prairie Players), Barney Christianson, Lion Dennis Dupont, Edith Penman (Portage Services for Seniors, Dave Citulsky (Portage plains United Way), Barret Wallis and Cathy Holmes (Portage Stampeders), Front (L-R) Jody Fletcher (Child and Family Service Foundation), Tammy Lilley and Sheila Mitchell (Tupper Street Family Resource Centre), Sara Holmes (Stampeders).

Where do the dollars come from? Individuals, families, businesses or community groups donate to the Community Foundation of Portage and District. Contributions come in all sizes and each one benefits the community. These gifts are never spent, only the earned income is used to support the grants program.

What is the focus of the grant program? Simply put, it is to increase the ability and capacity of individuals and local organizations to meet current and future needs, whatever they may be.  Local charities may submit an application; deadlines are April 1 and October 1.

So far Grants totaling $34,075 were handed out in November and another $32,000 will be presented by end of December. These grants support health, education, arts, recreation, and community services. Children, families, adults and seniors benefit from the dollars given to theses charitable organizations that provide services to the citizen of Portage and District.

Grants awarded on November 3:

  1. La Verendrye School – $1,500 for an innovative family cooking program for four low income families who have children attending LVS.
  2. La Verendrye School – $1,300 towards the purchase a SmartBoard. an interactive teaching tool.
  3. Portage Community Centre/Glesby Centre – $4,000 for a commercial fridge and two stoves to replace old units in their catering kitchen.
  4. Portage Services for Seniors – $4,100 for gas range and hood for the “Meals on Wheels” food preparation program.
  5. Canadian Mental Health Association Central Region – $10,000 towards the cost of erecting a 3-tiered housing complex for the community.

Grants presented on November 14:

  1. Tupper Street Family Resource Centre – $2,800 to upgrade their kitchen facility with some new appliances allowing the expansion of the Food or Growing Healthy Families project.
  2. Prairie Players Inc. – $3,000 for lighting upgrade, including a new stand, relocation of a controller and adding two new controllers.
  3. Portage Stampeders Special Olympics Team – $275 for 20 basketballs to support the basketball program for the team.
  4. Child and Family Services Foundation – $3,000 for the Chance 2 Grow” program which funds a wide variety of recreational and educational opportunities for children.
  5. Portage and District Arts Council – $2,000 for a complete security system that will monitor the Gallery, Gift Shop, and Dance Studio.
Lions Club

CFPD Chair Barney Christianson with Lion Dennis Duport and Lion Ray George presented a cheque to Portage Plain United Way President Dave Citulsky.

The Lions Club has a donor advised fund with the foundation. This type of fund gives the Club the opportunity to select which charities will receive the earnings from Portage la Prairie Lions Club Fund. This year the Portage Plains United Way received $1,000 and the Portage Services for Seniors $750

Each year, the Foundation has the privilege of awarding the Portage Plains United Way $350 from the Allan Greenberg Memorial Fund.

Can anyone create an endowment? Yes. Often a fund is created in a family name so that family members can contribute. Bursary funds are frequently used to support an individual who is pursuing a post secondary education. Memorial Funds honour the life of a loved one. Each endowment reflects the values and goals of its creator.

For more information about endowment funds and the grants program, please contact Karen Braden at 274-2442.